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M M Kaye c1956

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This extensive, 67 page, website is dedicated to the life and work of M M Kaye.  My primary aim is to provide as much information about this remarkable author and artist as possible.  To this end, I have included a definitive Bibliography page plus dozens of web pages displaying book covers from around the world so as to encourage new readers to search for these books by recognising their covers.  This is more important than ever now that Mollie's books are currently out-of-print in many countries.  I have also included interviews and provided examples of Mollie's sketches, illustrations and watercolours together with synopses of some of her out-of-print children's books.  Enjoy! 

Last updated: May 2011

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking M M Kaye and her family for their support and generous donation of over 100 foreign language editions of her books for use on this website.  If any overseas readers have different book covers to the ones displayed, and are willing to E-mail me scans of their own covers, I shall be extremely pleased to add them to the website for others to enjoy.